In Heaven and on Earth: Church Treasure in Late Medieval Bohemia

In Heaven and on Earth: Church Treasure in Late Medieval Bohemia

Horníčková, Kateřina

Doctor of Philosophy, Central European University, Department of Medieval Studies (2009)


My work has focussed on the role of the church treasury in late medieval Bohemia, and the political and cultural conceptions behind its creation and existence, as well as its religious and social functions. The study tackles questions of the treasuries’ foundation, growth, function, and place in the medieval culture of Bohemia, and to a lesser extent, with their management and content. It is confined to the geographical and chronological limits of Luxembourg and Jagellonian rule in Bohemia, and Moravia, from roughly 1310 –1526. These particular dates are, of course, political dates with little relevance to any major shifts in the practice of treasuring, but they embrace the flourishing late medieval culture in Bohemia with its excellent – albeit now mostly lost – artistic output. These dates also set limits to a period of great importance in the development and redefinition of ecclesiastical treasuries in terms of their political and cultural roles.

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