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Field Report: Kalamazoom 2022

This week on The Medieval Podcast, Danièle and Peter Konieczny report back on the 57th International Congress on Medieval Studies, affectionately known this year as “Kalamazoom”. Here are some favourite papers, some of the exciting new research going on in medieval studies and how the field is changing for the better.


Top 10 Peace Treaties of the Middle Ages

Wars and conflicts rarely end with one side totally defeating the other. Even in the Middle Ages enemies understood the value of diplomacy, and hundreds of peace treaties were signed (although many were not followed). Some would have profound consequences. Here is our list of the ten most important peace treaties of the Middle Ages, arranged chronologically.


Christine de Pizan: Women’s Most Famous Medieval Defender

Despite centuries of obscurity, one of the most popular authors of the medieval period is slowly finding her place in the literary canon restored. Said to have been the first professional woman writer, Christine de Pizan’s life and career rivalled that of any of her better-known male counterparts, and believe it or not, she used that popularity to highlight women’s strengths and struggles.