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The ‘Healthy’ Medieval Diet

I found that the word ‘diet’ does come into English – it’s originally Greek and then Latin – during the Middle Ages as early as the 13th century and it has a wide range of meanings from a whole course of life, a way of living or thinking, a way of feeding a restricted prescribed course of food for those who are ill or in prison.

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The peoples of the Caucasus between Rome, Iran, and the steppe, with Garth Fowden

A conversation with Garth Fowden about how the peoples of the Caucasus – Armenians, Georgians, and Albanians – coped with living between two empires, how those empires sought to intervene in their region, and the cultural and religious changes that took place there during the first half of the first millennium. This episode demonstrates the illuminating ways in which global and regional history can be combined.