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What is Medievalists.net?

We aim to be the first place people go to when they want to learn about the Middle Ages. Our aim is to offer readers news, articles, videos and more about the medieval world and how that history is presented today.

Our Story

peter and sandra medievalistsMedievalists.net was founded in 2008 by Sandra Alvarez and Peter Konieczny. We wanted to create something that was vibrant, that changed every day, and that engaged people with the past. They decided to start a site where they could blog about history, and post articles, news, book reviews and movies. They wanted to share their love of history and show people why history matters.

Medievalists.net‘s first post was uploaded on September 16, 2008. The rest, as they say, is history.



Peter Bio PicAlong with being a co-founder and c​ontributor at​ Medievalists.net, Peter is the ​editor of Medieval​ Warfare​ Magazine, and the web admin at De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History. He has been working to spread knowledge about the Middle Ages online for over 15 years. Peter lives near Toronto, Canada, and enjoys all the books publishers send to him. When he is not reading about medieval history, you can find him trying to keep up with his son in Minecraft. Follow Peter on Twitter ​@medievalicious.


HeadshotAlso known as The Five-Minute Medievalist, Danièle studied Cultural Studies and English at Trent University, earning her MA at the University of Toronto, where she specialized in medieval literature and Renaissance drama. Currently, she teaches a course on medievalism through OntarioLearn, and is the author of The Five-Minute MedievalistWhen she is not reading or writing, Danièle can be found drinking tea, practicing archery, or sometimes building a backyard trebuchet. You can follow her on Twitter @5MinMedievalist or visit her website, danielecybulskie.com.





To read more about Sandra and Peter, see their Profile on In the Middle or listen to their extended interview on the Medieval Archives Podcast.

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