A Game of Thrones … Fatimid Style

When Usama ibn Munqidh came to Cairo in 1144, he was hoping to restart a promising career as a military officer. Instead, he would find himself in the middle of a series of plots, intrigues, betrayals, murders, and street battles that would tear apart the capital of Egypt.

For the want of Emma: What if the Vikings had won the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

If you could alter history, change one subtle event, what would you pick? For a Viking fan, the answer might be as simple as it is iconic.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval “Church-State”

If you’re interested in why the medieval Church did what it did – and how it was able to do so in the political sphere – I think you’ll enjoy this series. 

Knights, Wizards, Enchantresses: The World of Arthurian Fantasy

From Merlin and Morgan le Fay to Here Lies Arthur. Minjie Su covers Here Be Dragons at the University of Oxford.

Castle for Sale in Western Canada

Get your own Castle-like home in the beautiful interior of British Columbia.

New Medieval Books: From the Monastery to the Sea

Five books about the medieval world for your consideration.

How to Become the King of England: 5 Tips from Stephen

How Stephen of Blois was able to go from Norman count to the King of England in less than a month.

What Would Be Your Medieval Career?

What would be your career be if you were born in the Middle Ages?

Making a copy of Njáls saga: the story of the Urðabók manuscript

Who scribed Urðabók? And for whom and what? Wawn aims at unveiling the story behind this little, modest manuscript.

Medieval Magical Spells against Theft

You can find dozens of examples of spells and charms from medieval manuscripts to help prevent you from being a victim of theft, or to catch a thief.

The Discovery of King Arthur and Guinevere at Glastonbury Abbey

Gerald of Wales tells the story of a remarkable discovery at Glastonbury Abbey in the late twelfth-century. Had the remains of King Arthur been found?

Medieval Movie Review: Outlaw King

Although it sticks to the medieval film playbook – mud, blood, and a bit of romance – it’s in the details that Outlaw King stands out, giving Robert the Bruce’s fight for independence a uniquely Scottish air.

New Medieval Books: From Carolingians to Japanese tales

Five recently published works, including two translations of medieval texts, and one book you can download for free.

Medieval Geopolitics: War in the Medieval Mind

How was war understood in late medieval culture?

Vikings, History, and Ourselves: Still Searching…

In the fall of 2017 a bombshell announcement was made that shook not only the academic world, but the general populace as well.

The many woes of a bishop: Augustine’s sermons and Caesarius of Arles

Like all his other works, Augustine’s sermons were taken across the Mediterranean and copied and recopied throughout the Middle Ages. A crucial link in this chain of sermon manuscripts was Caesarius of Arles, who lived from c. 470 to 542 AD.

Medieval Manuscripts: The Great Canterbury Psalter

The Great Canterbury Psalter, a masterpiece of late-twelfth-century English art and the last of a series of splendid psalters linked to Christ Church, Canterbury, is also the most important and ambitious creation known today of the oeuvre of the Catalan painter, Ferrer Bassa.

Medieval Youtube: Sweet sounds and how to fight like you were in the Middle Ages

Our monthly roundup of videos, including music, fighting and Sweden’s largest medieval festival.

Can you spot the Viking facts from the fiction?

Try these nine questions and see how much you really know about the Vikings!

From Vinland to Valhalla, From Saga to Manga

The works in focus are Vinland saga, an ongoing manga series created by Makoto Yukimura, and Valhalla, a Danish comics series that can be traced back to the 1970s.

Proving Facts in Njáls saga

Clover uncovers the seemingly inadequate evidence-finding process in Njáls saga and discusses how the legal process can be transmitted to the saga’s narrative structure.

Medieval Special Effects

A good dramatic play in the Middle Ages might need a blazing hellmouth or a few rockets firing about.

New Medieval Books: From Dante to Eleanor

Five of the latest books about the Middle Ages that you might want on your bookshelf.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval State

What did medieval states look like? A look at the most common and significant forms: kingdoms, principalities, communes and leagues.

Can You Pass This Renaissance History Quiz?

Nine questions on Renaissance History…

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