A Catalan Contribution to the Converso Controversy

A Catalan Contribution to the Converso Controversy

Aronson-Friedman, Amy

Mediterranean Studies, Volume 14 (2005)


THE MARGINALIZATION OF CATALAN LITERARY WORKS from the canon of Hispanic literature is the result of a tendency by many critics to disregard works written in languages other than Castilian. Jaume Roig’s Spill o Llibre de les dones is one such work. By shunning non-Castilian texts, literary critics are not only limiting scholarship in the field but are also ignoring the possible contributions these works may have in understanding the medieval Hispanic world. An analysis of Jaume Roig’s Spill will contribute fruitfully to the study of the fifteenth-century lands of the Crown of Aragon in particular, and to medieval peninsular literature in general.

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