The Lives of Black Tudors: An Interview with Miranda Kaufmann

Miranda Kaufmann talks about her new book, Black Tudors, which explores the place of Africans in Tudor and Stuart English society.

Viking at Heart: Interview with Emma “Bruni” Boast, MA gets to know Archaeologist and Heritage Consultant Emma Boast, a.k.a. Bruni, in an exclusive one-on-one interview!   Current Occupation? I am a Freelance Viking Age Archaeology and Heritage Consultant, Managing Director at Nidavellnir (Viking Age Historical Clothing and Nalbinding) and Site Assistant at York Archaeological Trust. My passion is everything to do with the […]

Dan Jones and the Five-Minute Medievalist

Dan Jones on Magna Carta, Russell Crowe, Radiohead, and the brand-new book he’s just started working on.

The Last Kingdom: An Interview with Bernard Cornwell

What I find most compelling is the struggle to create a country which became England, a struggle that must have seemed hopeless at times and which roiled Britain in constant fighting. We think of England (especially) as a peaceful landscape, but in the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries it was horribly brutal and merciless.

Seven Myths of the Crusades: An Interview with Alfred J. Andrea and Andrew Holt

Seven Myths of the Crusades examines the many misconceptions that are associated with one of the most fascinating episodes of the Middle Ages.

Exploring Medieval Manuscripts: An Interview with Erik Kwakkel

‘I love that something quirky and nerdy like the medieval book is becoming mainstream.’

Five Medieval Minutes with Steven Muhlberger

Formal deeds of arms were an opportunity for one group of people to show off their skills – particularly their horsemanship – and for other people to appreciate how bold and daring they were.

Machiavelli and Botticelli Movies to Hit the Screen in 2016

Machiavelli and Botticelli are set to hit screens in 2016. We sat down to chat with Italian director, Lorenzo Raveggi about his two ambitious projects.

With a Bended Bow: An Interview with Erik Roth

Erik Roth presents a comprehensive examination of the archer and his weapon in a time when archery was both economically and militarily vital to the security of England, based on the study of mediaeval writings and period artefacts.

Discovering Medieval Graffiti: An Interview with Matthew Champion

We found demons, faces, hand outlines, names, dates and prayers – just about every type of graffiti you can imagine.

Medieval Medicine and Modern Science: An Interview with Freya Harrison

We talk about this project’s collaboration, the potential of medieval medicines, and her reaction to all the attention her research has generated.

Interview: Ben Miles on playing Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall

Was there ever a time that Thomas Cromwell, lord privy seal of England in the reign of Henry VIII, was not front and center in the culture?

How a 13th-century royal chapel influenced the history of France

UCLA art historian Meredith Cohen and her fascination with the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

Interview with Sherry Jones – The Sharp Hook of Love

I try to tell whatever story I’m telling with struck adherence to the known facts and as faithfully to the era — its culture, mores, values, etc. — as I can be without having been there. However, I also recognize that history is its own form of fiction

INTERVIEW: A Conversation with SD Sykes about Plague Land

My interview with fiction author, SD Sykes about her fantastic medieval crime novel, Plague Land.

Why Study Heresy in the Later Middle Ages?

An interview of Dr. Rob Lutton by Tom O’Loughlin for the University of Nottingham’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies

How to study St. Thomas Aquinas: An interview with Therese Scarpelli Cory

He’s not the kind of thinker who wants to complicate things or show off his brilliance—he just wants to make sense of the world the best he can, within the limitations of the human mind.

Medieval Sports: An interview with John Marshall Carter

Sometimes there was fine line between sports and pastimes in the middle ages. I believe that where you find sports records you can conclude that medieval people had a fairly well-developed concept of sporting competition.

Medieval Friends: Meet the Historical Honeys!

We’re running a new regular feature to showcase history websites, called “Medieval Friends”. We want to encourage and invite those of you who are passionate about history to share a little about your websites and yourselves.

Medieval Geopolitics: An interview with Andrew Latham

Was there such a thing as International Relations in the Middle Ages?

Interview with Heather Day Gilbert, author of God’s Daughter

I want them to reach a large audience–in particular, an audience interested in Viking history. I guess I wanted to bring Viking history into people’s lives in a memorable way, sort of like Marian Zimmer Bradley brought King Arthur to life with The Mists of Avalon.

Interview with Dana Cushing, on De Itinere Navali

The other interesting story is the manuscript’s survival itself – it was nearly destroyed three times in the past two hundred years alone! Who knows how many narrow escapes it had just from war, fire, neglect, ignorance, and so forth before that?

Interview with Matthew Johnson on medieval castles and archaeology

That being said, the endless fascination with landscape archaeology is the way the little details of the landscape reward very careful observation and dissection. I love walking through the landscape and trying to understand what I am looking at, fitting it into a bigger picture. 

INTERVIEW: Author Tinney Sue Heath

In late July, I posted a book review on, “A Thing Done”, by Tinney Sue Heath. The book explores the fantastic world of Italian medieval vendetta during the thirteenth century. Here is my interview with this talented and accomplished author.

Interview with Damien Kempf on Robert the Monk’s Historia Iherosolimitana

Damien Kempf, Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Liverpool, has recently completed with Marcus Bull The Historia Iherosolimitana of Robert the Monk, the first critical edition of this important text since the 1860s.

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