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Why Study Heresy in the Later Middle Ages?

Why Study Heresy in the Later Middle Ages?

An interview of Dr. Rob Lutton by Tom O’Loughlin for the University of Nottingham’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Dr. Rob Lutton introduces the value to the historian of studying groups and individuals who were given the label of ‘heretics’ in the later middle ages. These groups point to diversity in society and the religious label points more to their perceived disruptiveness than to disputed points of doctrine.

A few months earlier, these two men also discussed the origins of Lollardy, an important social and religious movement in fifteenth-century England. This movement, which is seen to originate in the teaching of an Oxford theologian John Wycliffe (c.1330-84), called for reforms of both church and state and in many ways anticipates the issues of the sixteenth-century Reformers.

Rob Lutton

You can see more videos in this series by visiting the University of Nottingham’s Youtube page. Rob Lutton’s page on the university’s website can be found here.

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