The historical reputation of Edward IV, 1461-1725

This thesis comprises a chronological study of different historical accounts of Edward IV’s life and reign from his life until the early eighteenth century.

Henri de Mondeville (1260-1320): Medieval French Anatomist and Surgeon

He was a visionary anatomist, who taught the subject from a series of handmade, full-length illustrations, which, though rudimentary in terms of precise anatomical knowledge, marked a significant transformation in anatomical studies

The impact of the Franks on the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

Frankish impact on communities was investigated through an exploration of the medieval landscape and seigneurial obligations, two attributes that affected all rural sites in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, regardless of other settlement characteristics.

Book Reviews: Medieval Studies and the Ghost Stories of M. R. James / Four Ghost Stories

Medieval historians know M.R. James primarily as the compiler of many catalogues of Cambridge manuscripts and as the translator of New Testament apocrypha, but he was also the author of several collections of ghost stories

A Game of Thrones … Fatimid Style

When Usama ibn Munqidh came to Cairo in 1144, he was hoping to restart a promising career as a military officer. Instead, he would find himself in the middle of a series of plots, intrigues, betrayals, murders, and street battles that would tear apart the capital of Egypt.

Waste Management and Attitudes Towards Cleanliness in Medieval Central Europe

The paper deals with the relationships between people and waste in the Middle Ages, primarily in urban environments in Central Europe.

For the want of Emma: What if the Vikings had won the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

If you could alter history, change one subtle event, what would you pick? For a Viking fan, the answer might be as simple as it is iconic.

Discovery of Earliest Known Image of Pilgrims on the Road to Canterbury

Researchers have made a remarkable discovery of a stained glass panel picturing pilgrims travelling by horse and on foot to visit the tomb of archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. The newly discovered stained glass panel dates to the mid 1180s, less than twenty years after Becket’s death.

What it Means to be a Son: Adam, Language, and Theodicy in a Ninth-Century Dispute

Al-Jāḥiẓ’s epistle entitled Refutation of the Christians (al-Radd ʿalā al-Naṣārā) contains an account of a dispute that took place between his teacher al-Naẓẓām (d.835-845), al-Jāḥiẓ himself, and a third unnamed mutakallim, tentatively identified by David Thomas as Aḥmad b. Ḥāʾiṭ (or Ḥābiṭ or Khāʾiṭ) a Muʿtazilī theologian who studied under al-Jāḥiẓ’s teacher, al-Naẓẓām

The Assassin’s Creed Curriculum: Video Games and the Middle Ages

Of the 25 most popular video games, several take place within a medieval, or pseudo medieval, setting, such as Skyrim, World of Warcraft and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. This paper argues that rather than being distractions, video games can offer academic medievalists an exciting opportunity

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval “Church-State”

If you’re interested in why the medieval Church did what it did – and how it was able to do so in the political sphere – I think you’ll enjoy this series. 

Knights, Wizards, Enchantresses: The World of Arthurian Fantasy

From Merlin and Morgan le Fay to Here Lies Arthur. Minjie Su covers Here Be Dragons at the University of Oxford.

Castle for Sale in Western Canada

Get your own Castle-like home in the beautiful interior of British Columbia.

Free Online Course on the Book of Kells starts next month

A new, free, online course developed by Trinity College Dublin will allow learners worldwide to explore the history of Ireland through the remarkable Book of Kells — one of  the world’s most famous medieval manuscripts.

How Norse is Skírnismál? A comparative case study

Skírnismál is thus neither a purely Norse nor a purely oral composition.

Geographies of Salvation: How to Read Medieval Mappae Mundi

Scholars who judge mappae mundi by medieval standards usually emphasize the salvific over the practical aspect. But were mappae mundi truly not ‘realistic’?

New Medieval Books: From the Monastery to the Sea

Five books about the medieval world for your consideration.

The features of Saint Louis

Extensive study into the figure of Louis IX lends to many-sided, even contradictory conclusions on his role. In the past, one has paid an almost maniacal attention to the physical appearance of the king, examining some images for a reflection, or indeed a portrait, of Saint Louis.

How to Become the King of England: 5 Tips from Stephen

How Stephen of Blois was able to go from Norman count to the King of England in less than a month.

English medieval church restored to beauty after being abandoned for over 50 years

A medieval church dating back to the 13th century is reopening after an impressive campaign led by The Friends of Friendless Churches to restore it.

What Would Be Your Medieval Career?

What would be your career be if you were born in the Middle Ages?

Medieval stone coffin discovered in England

Archaeologists working on the site of a former car park in the English town of Lincoln were surprised to have uncovered a medieval stone coffin.

Medieval coin hoard discovered in India

A hoard of 254 copper coins dating back to the 16th century were discovered northern India, officials announced this week.

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