The Difference A King Makes: Religion And National Unity In Spain

The Difference A King Makes: Religion And National Unity In Spain

Rowe, Jonathan

Seminario Evangélico Unido de Teología — Apdo. 7 – 28080, El Escorial – Madrid (2009)    


The answer, of course, is ‘Yes’, although Jesus doesn’t reply quite so directly, and his followers proclaimed Jesus’ kingship. Saint Paul, perhaps the most famous of them, wished to preach here in Spain.1 We don’t know whether he set foot on Spanish soil— so perhaps you are doing something Paul longed to do, but didn’t manage!

The first reliable evidence for the existence of Christians in Spain comes from a letter written by Cyprian of Carthage in A.D. 254 to presbyter Felix and deacon Elio, and their congregations. Regardless of when Christianity first arrived here the faith certainly spread during Roman occupation of the Iberian peninsula. Letters and other references to persecutions2 point to a well organised Church by the third century. Indeed, one of the earliest recorded councils took place in Elvira, probably present day Granada.

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