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New Medieval Books: How Medieval Europe was Ruled

How Medieval Europe was Ruled

Edited by Christian Raffensperger

ISBN: 9781032100166

This collection of 15 essays examines how governments operated in the Middle Ages. Covering a wide number of places throughout Europe, it aims to show the various kinds of rulership within it.


The essays in this volume all deal with rulership, but they are purposefully about different regions of medieval Europe, different types and levels of ruler-ship, and with different foci to demonstrate that rulership was manifold in the Middle Ages. There are, of course, still limitations and one of the main ones of this volume is that almost all of the contributions focus upon Christian Europe. While Alex M. Feldman’s piece on the Khazars stands out for its inclusion of Jews, Muslims, and pagans, the rest of the contributions are within the bounds of Christianized polities. This is in no way meant to privilege those regions, though they represent the majority of the physical territory of medieval Europe in the period under discussion.


Who is this book for?

Recent years have seen an effort by medieval historians to better understand how governments in the Middle Ages actually operated, and to show that not everyone was like England or France. This book will be of great interest in those interested in politics and rulership in the Middle Ages, with the individual essays also finding various readers.

The editor

Christian Raffensperger is the Kenneth E. Wray Chair in the Humanities and Professor and Chair of the History Department at Wittenberg University. His research focuses on Ukraine and Russia in the Middle Ages. Check out his articles on


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