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New Medieval Books: Bioarchaeology of Injuries and Violence in Early Medieval Europe

Bioarchaeology of Injuries and Violence in Early Medieval Europe

Edited by Jorge Lopez Quiroga and Luis Rios Frutos

BAR Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 4073 5993 9

A collection of eight essays that look at what we can learn about early medieval violence from examining skeletal remains. From Gaul to Greece, they cover the different kinds of trauma and damage that can be viewed in medieval graves.


The chapters contained in this book present different evidence surrounding forms of violence and injuries documented in skeletal remains from a bioarchaeological perspective which address the question posed in the title of this book for the first time for a specific chronological period: Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. In this volume various studies corresponding to a wide geographic area are represented: England, Germany, France, Greece, Italy and Spain. The interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character is evident in the list of authors that made up this volume: anthropologists, archaeologists, historians and specialists in forensic medicine, osteoarchaeology, bioarchaeology, bioanthropology and biology. The text gathered in this volume is not the result of a conference or workshop on the subject under study. In this sense, the editors of the volume have commissioned the texts from recognized specialists in the field, to present specific case studies and/or syntheses for a specific region or geographical area, in order to have an overview, obviously not systematic, on the material evidence of violence and injuries in skeletal remains.


Who is this book for?

Research using forensic archaeology has seen huge advances in recent years, and this book offers a good look at what can be learned from this field. Many medievalists should look into this book, and libraries definitely should have it. We did a piece on one of the articles from this – check it out People were decapitated in Anglo-Saxon England crudely, study finds

The editors

Jorge López Quiroga is a Senior Scientist at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Luis Rios Frutos is a Professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


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