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Medieval Chess: Alfonso X’s Book of Games

From chess and backgammon to politics, courtly culture and race relations.  On this episode of the Medieval Grad Podcast, Lucie Laumonier interviews Alexandra Montero Peters about her research into the wonderfully illuminated thirteenth-century manuscript known as the Book of Games. A great episode to know everything about chess, Iberian court culture and politics all at once!

Alexandra Montero Peters is a PhD candidate in history at the University of Chicago and has been recently awarded the American Association of University Women (AAUW) American Dissertation Fellowship for 2021-22. Congratulations! You can learn more about Alexandra on either her university page or her page.


You can see more images from the Book of Games (Libro de los Juegos) through the Patrimonio Nacional, including this wonderful image:

Image courtesy Alexandra Montero Peters

Some of the books Alexandra recommends are:

Alfonso X, the Learned: A Biography

Arte y Ciencia en el scriptorium de Alfonso X el Sabio

You can also check out David Nirenberg’s Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages 


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Top Image: Courtesy Alexandra Montero Peters