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Social distancing in early Byzantium, with Ellen Muehlberger and David Brakke

What did it take, and what did it do to you, to avoid the company of others in Byzantium? How far did you have to pare your life down, and how reliant were you still on networks of support and supply?

A conversation with Ellen Muehlberger of the University of Michigan, who appeared in episode 2, and David Brakke of Ohio State University, who was guest on episode 13, about trying to live alone in early Byzantium. We focus on ascetics, but not only on them.


Byzantium & Friends is hosted by Anthony Kaldellis, Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at The Ohio State University. You can follow him on his personal website.

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Top Image: Wall painting – Saint Ammonios (Amone) the Anchorite from Tuna El-Gebel – Wikimedia Commons


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