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The case for Shenute the Great and the Coptic tradition, with Sofia Torallas Tovar and David Brakke

A conversation with Sofia Torallas Tovar and David Brakke about Coptic Egypt, the life and works of Shenute the Great, and how Coptic and Byzantine Studies can talk more with each other, just as the people they study talked to each other in the fourth-seventh centuries.

Sofia Torallas Tovar is Professor of Classics and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. You can learn more about Sofia’s research on her page. David Brakke is the Joe R. Engle Chair in the History of Christianity and Professor of History at the Ohio State University. Click here to view his page.


For some of Shenute’s works, see the Selected Discourses of Shenoute the Great: Community, Theology, and Social Conflict in Late Antique Egypt, translated by David Brakke and Andrew Crislip (Cambridge University Press 2015). For linguistic contacts, see Sofia Torallas Tovar, ‘The Reverse Case: Egyptian Borrowing in Greek,’ in Greek Influence on Egyptian-Coptic: Contact-Induced Change in an Ancient African Language (Hamburg 2017) 97-113.

Byzantium & Friends is hosted by Anthony Kaldellis, Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at The Ohio State University. You can follow him on his personal website.

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