How the borders of the Caucasus changed in the Middle Ages

One of the lesser known regions of the medieval world was the Caucasus – the lands now spanning the present-day countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Here are five videos to track the rise and fall of its many states during the Middle Ages.

Jake Mapping created this video looking at the entire Caucasus region from ancient times to present day

Turning to individual nations, Khey Pard offers this look at Armenia’s history, from the foundation of the Kingdom of Van in 858 BCE until today’s modern republic.

For a look at the states that ruled over present-day Azerbaijan, this video by Kayra Atakan covers the years 330 BC to 2018.

Jake Mapping also has this video on the Khanates of the Caucasus, covering modern-day Azerbaijan and Dagestan, from the year 706 AD to 1925.

Finally, Ollie Bye created this map to show Georgia, from the formation of the Georgian kingdom in 1008 to 2018

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