How the borders of Russia and Ukraine changed in the Middle Ages

The countries of Russia and Ukraine can trace their history back to the Middle Ages. Here are five videos to explain the development of various medieval states in that region.

Bulgarian empire mapping created this video of the history of Russia, starting in 882, and includes Kievan Rus, Novgorod and other states:


Danzig HD Mapper looks at the history of Russia, but uses as his starting point of the Duchy of Moscow, beginning in 1269:

Bohemian Mapper‘s perspective is on the history of Ukraine, which they see beginning with Principality of Kiev in 1132:

Jake Mapping provides this map showing the rise and fall of the Golden Horde, a Mongolian state the controlled much of Russia and Siberia, starting in 1241:


Finally, EmperorTigerstar offers this video of the wars between Kievan Rus and the Byzantine Empire, which took place between the ninth and eleventh centuries.

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