Medieval tower in Afghanistan collapses

One of the medieval towers in the Afghan city of Ghazni has collapsed, with video footage showing its dramatic fall.

The tower was part of the citadel of Ghazni, constructed in the thirteenth-century, which has protected the old city for centuries. However, in recent years portions of the citadel have crumbled as warfare in the region has slowed rehabilitation efforts.


Government officials blamed heavy rainfall for the collapse, but Toho News reported that local residents were saying that the government itself has not paid attention to the problem.

Last month Afghanistan’s Ministry of Information and Culture reported that they held meetings with UNESCO about trying to save the Minaret of Jam, a world heritage site that also lies in the western part of the country, from flooding.

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Top Image: Photo of Ghazni’s citadel in 1939/40 from the Swiss National Library


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