The Land of Darkness and the Global Middle Ages

The Land of Darkness and the Global Middle Ages

Paper by Alexandra Vukovich

Given at Teddy Talks at the University of Oxford, on May 4, 2019

Why do we find coins from Central Asia and silver from Iran in Lincolnshire? What prompted medieval people to pack up and look for opportunity and adventure elsewhere? Beyond the well-known story of the Vikings in Britain is that of assorted groups and individuals who travelled across the north and the Eurasian Steppe, exchanging trade goods and sometimes settling along pathways. This talk explores the role of objects (coins, belt buckles, broaches, etc.) in medieval history and what these banal things can tell us about trade, travel, and exchange from Ireland to China in the so-called Dark Ages.

Dr Alexandra Vukovich is Junior Research Fellow in Byzantine and Slavonic History and Literature in St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford. Click here to view her page

Top Image: Scandinavian settlement – image by Max Naylor

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