Reflection of European Sarmatia in Early Cartography

Reflection of European Sarmatia in Early Cartography

Lukosevicius, Viktoras

8th International Conference on Environmental Engineering, MAY 19-20, 2011 Vilnius, LITHUANIA


Abstract. The article aims at finding arguments to ground the hypothesis that Lithuania as geographical territory was in existence for a few thousand years instead of a thousand. The method used is analysis of different maps, by different authors, found in cartographical archives. In old times Lithuania was called European Sarmatia. The article presents the authors and designers of the maps, where Sarmatia is marked, as well as their characteristics: the issue dates, the names of territorial units and their possible to identify administrative centres, geographical objects, tribal settlements, their neighbours, etc.Summarizing research results the authors conclude that ancient maps where European Sarmatia is marked are true historical witnesses helping to understand long and complicated formation process of the state of Lithuania; however the analysis alone is insufficient to fully reveal its prehistoric concept.

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