The Inquisition featured on a special issue of Hispanic Research Journal

Hispanic Research Journal has released its February 2012 issue today, with a special issue entitled Negotiating Power in the Iberian Inquisitions: Courts, Crowns, and Creeds. Five articles dealing with the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitions are published in the issue, which will be freely available until mid-February.

The papers were originally contributions to a one-day conference held at the University of Oxford in March 2010. In their introduction to the issue, editors Tyler Fisher and Catarina Fouto write, “while the Spanish Inquisition has long attracted the bulk of both scholarly and popular attention, its younger sibling, the Portuguese Inquisition (established in 1536), also played a major role in shaping Iberian influence in the Atlantic and beyond.”

The articles in this issue include:

‘Policing the Empires: a Comparative Perspective on the Institutional Trajectory of the Inquisition in the Portuguese and Spanish Overseas Territories (Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries),’ by Toby Green

‘Not a Man of Contradiction: Zumárraga as Protector and Inquisitor of the Indigenous People of Central Mexico,’ by Victoria Ríos Castaño

‘The Spanish Inquisition Refashioned: the Experience of Mary I’s England and the Valladolid Tribunal, 1559,’ by John Edwards

‘From Lisbon to Venice: the Trials and Tribulations of the New Christian Duarte Gomes,’ by António Manuel Lopes Andrade

‘The Irishman, the Gypsy, and ‘the Olivares Girl’, by Richard J. Pym

The editors added, “The resulting studies together offer a scope that not only bridges the two nations of the Peninsula but also comprehends a variety of races and ethnicities that became inquisitorial targets (Jews, gypsies, Amerindians, East Indians, and Africans), and touches on the operations of the Venetian Inquisition, the episcopal Inquisition in New Spain, and similar tribunals in England.”

As part of their promotion of this special issue, Maney Publishing is allowing free online access to all the articles  in the issue, as well as previous issues going back three years.

Hispanic Research Journal promotes and disseminates research into the cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, from the Middle Ages to the present day. The fields covered include literature and literary theory, cultural history and cultural studies, language and linguistics, and film and theatre studies. Hispanic Research Journal publishes articles in four languages; Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and English, and encourages, especially through its features section, debate and interaction between researchers all over the world who are working in these fields.

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