Greeks in Early Medieval Barcelona?

Greeks in Early Medieval Barcelona?

Banks, Philip

Faventia, V. 2 n. 1 (1980)


During recent years our understanding of early medieval Catalonia has been greatly improved¬†by a number of fundamental works. The previously frequently stated opinion that the impetus for the economic development of the city of Barcelona was provided by externa1 contact and commerce’ can no longer be accepted, and autochthanal growth must now be envisaged, the basis being agriculture rather than commerces, the latter being a later expansion, especially in the overseas sphere, which did not really develop unti1 the later 12th century. However, this is not say that Barcelona was completely isolated, devoid of foreign contacts in the 10th and 11th centuries, and a body of evidence indicates relations with much of the rest of western Europe and the Mediterranean basin, both of a sporadic and more regular nature.

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