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Crusades and Crusading in the Thirteenth Century

Articles about the Crusades in the Middle East during the 13th century, and the fall of the Crusader States by 1291:

Legitimizing a low-born, regicide monarch. The case of the Mamluk sultan Baybars and the Ilkhans in the 13th century, by Denise Aigle


The Letters of Eljigidei, Hülegü, and Abaqa: Mongol Overtures or Christian Ventriloquism?, by Denise Aigle

The great crusader hero: Louis IX or Joinville?, by Adriana Almeida

Teenagers at War During the Middle Ages, by Kelly DeVries

Crusader castle torn apart by earthquake at dawn, 20 May 1202, by Ronnie Ellenblum, Shmuel Marco, Amotz Agnon, Thomas Rockwell and Adrian Boas


Oliver of Paderborn and his siege engine at Damietta, by Dominic Francis

Rotting Ships and Razed Harbors: The Naval Policy of the Mamluks, by Albrecht Fuess

Immigration and Identity in the Middle Ages : French Immigrants to Constantinople and Greece in the Thirteenth Century, by Erica Jo Gilles

Ayyubids, Mamluks, and the Latin East in the Thirteenth Century, by R. Stephen Humphreys

The Crusades of 1239-41 and Their Aftermath, by Peter Jackson

The Prince, the Assassin and the Mongols, by Peter Konieczny

Conversion and St Louis’s Last Crusade, by Michael Lower

The burning at Mont-Aime´: Thibaut of Champagne’s preparations for the Barons’ Crusade of 1239, by Michael Lower

The merchant of Genoa : the Crusades, the Genoese and the Latin East, 1187-1220s, by Merav Mack

The role of castles in the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant 1187 to 1380, by Bengt Kristia Molin


Prosopographical Research on the Crusader States, by Alan V. Murray

Funduq, Fondaco, and Khan in the Wake of Christian Commerce and Crusade, by Constable Olivia Remie

The Papacy, Crusading, and the Jews in the Central Middle Ages, by Rebecca Rist

Simon de Montfort : lay piety and crusading ideology in Thirteenth-Century England, by Kiana M. Scott

The Naming Patterns of the Inhabitants of Frankish Acre, by Iris Shagrir

Ceramics as a Reflection of Maritime Commercial Activity at Crusader Acre, by Edna J. Stern