Castle for Sale: Castiglione Castle on Capri

The history of this castle on the Italian island of Capri dates back to the Roman period, when the place served as one of the twelve villas built by Emperor Tiberius in the first century A.D. The villa was plundered and ruined by the early Middle Ages, but the strategic location of the site, which has a commanding view of most of the island, soon led to the construction of a medieval castle. Castiglione Castle has a quadrangular shape with crenellated walls reinforced with two towers on the corners, while in the middle there was more fortifications and a private chapel.

In the early 19th century the castle was used as a garrison for English troops. Afterwards, it slowly fell into ruin, but in the 1950s its owner started extensive restorations of the site.


The castle is about 12000 square feet in size and holds ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It also features an outdoor pool, garden, and private roadway.

The island of Capri, which is located south of Naples, is a leading tourist destination in Europe and highly esteemed for its natural beauty. It has several Roman and medieval sites, including the Certosa di San Giacomo, a Carthusian monastery founded in 1374.


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The castle has been listed with several estate agencies. No price is currently listed, but in 2008 the owners tried to sell the property for 35 million euros.

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