Castle for Sale in Germany: Schochwitz Castle

Schochwitz Castle
Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Asking Price: €750,000

This stunning castle dates from the 15th century, and has been carefully renovated with conservation of many of the original elements.

The earliest sources mentioning a castle go back to 1133 in conjunction with Odalricus de Scochwize who was the owner of the castle. During the Middle Ages, the ownership of the castle often changed, including the lords of Friedeburg, then Bishop Friedrich von Merseburg, and later Andreas Fesicke. It is not possible to determine whether the already mentioned castle stood on the site of today’s still very impressive castle building.


In 1565, the dynasty von der Schulenburg inherited the castle. Around 1601, Lewin VII of the Schulenburg began the construction of the Renaissance part – the current building. The construction work also included measures to defend the castle. There were ramparts, a moat and a drawbridge. The corner towers were bastion-like. In 1606 the construction work was finished. The ramparts were later removed and the drawbridge replaced by a stone bridge.

The von Schulenburg family had close contacts with the family of Alvensleben by marriage, which was also rich and influential in the area. Gebhart von Alvensleben purchased Schochwitz castle in 1783 and it remained in his family’s possession until the Second World War.


The castle offers approximately 1500 square metres of living space, with central heating and double glazing throughout the building. It can sleep sixty people, and can be used to host weddings, receptions and other events.

Schochwitz Castle comes with 4000 square metres of lands, located in a secluded area near a small village in the middle of the rolling hills of the northern most known wine region of Germany. It is located about 16 kilometres from the town of Halle Salle, a half hour drive from the charming city of Leipzig, and a two hour drive to centre of Berlin.

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