Castle Geiersberg in Austria for sale

Castle Geiersberg

Southern Austria
Asking Price: €1.5 million

Settled on top of a rocky outcrop among the beautiful mountains of southern Austria, Castle Geiersberg dates back to at least the 13th century. The castle once belonged to the archbishops of Salzburg, and then Austrian nobility.

Burg Geiersberg - photo by Lenz Moser / Flickr

The site includes a six-story tower that was built in the first half of the 13th century, walls that are a few decades older, and a chapel dedicated to Saint Anne which dates from the 14th century and includes several 16th century frescoes.

Castle Geiersberg

In 1912 the medieval castle was extensively restored, and a new modern wing was added to provide living quarters. One can now find a sauna, swimming pool and tennis court integrated to the castle grounds.

austrian castle for sale

The property also comes with over four hectares of forest. Located in the state of Carinthia, the castle is set amongst the eastern Alps, which is home to several historic towns and ski resorts.

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