Looking for a Castle for Sale? We list authentic castles that have recently been put on the market, including medieval castles from France, Italy, Ireland and other places in Europe, and recently-built castles in other parts of the world.

Medieval Castle for Sale in Southern France – This castle in southern France dates back to the year 978. It was built by the Viscounts of Narbonne to guard a main road and lies  on a a rocky knoll 590 ft above sea level.


Castle for Sale in Germany sauerburg - photo by RichHein/WikicommonsCastle for Sale in Germany: The Sauerburg

This ruined 14th-century castle in western Germany is now used as a hotel for the picturesque region that is designated a World Heritage Site. Located on a hilltop overlooking the town of Sauerthal, fortifications at this site date back to at least the 13th century. In 1355, the Archbishop of Mainz granted Rupert I “the Red”, Count Palatine of the Rhine, “to built a castle which is called ‘Surburne’”.

Castle for Sale in Tuscany: Castel Verdelli

Located in the Tuscan hills near the town of Montalcino, Castel Verdelli offers enchanting views of the valleys and vineyards of the countryside. The castle dates back to the 14th century and appears to be made up of two separate blocks with a sloping base and other buildings that developed around a central courtyard in which there is an ancient circular well.


Burg Geiersberg - photo by Lenz Moser / FlickrCastle for Sale in Austria: Castle Geiersberg

Settled on top of a rocky outcrop among the beautiful mountains of southern Austria, Castle Geiersberg dates back to at least the 13th century. The castle once belonged to the archbishops of Salzburg, and then Austrian nobility.

castle for sale: chateau de vignyCastle for Sale: Château de Vigny

Located only about fifty kilometres northwest of Paris, the original castle has a symmetry design starting with two towers flanking its main entrance, followed by two more towers at the corners. The entire castle, which is 37,000 square feet in size, is also surrounded by a moat, over which there are two bridges.

Early 20th century photo of the castle

13th century ruin: Montaiguillon Castle

Montaiguillon Castle was built in the early thirteenth-century by Blanche of Navarre, Countess of Champagne. Located near the town of Provins, and about one hundred kilometres from Paris, the castle occupied a strategic location in northern France. In 1423 it was besieged for over six months by English forces during the Hundred Years War. With most of the garrison killed in the fighting, the remaining French soldiers surrendered.

italian castle for saleMediterranean Castle for Sale

Located along the coast of Calabria in Italy, this Norman castle was built in the 14th century. The architectural layout of the castle is a rectangular keep, flanked by two towers and linked together by large walls and battlements. Inside the castle you can find seven rooms, plus two more inside the watchtower. The property comes with about 1.5 hectares of land and an amazing private church where people all over the world come to get married.


Castle for Sale in New York

Looking for a medieval castle but want to stay in North America? Consider Highlands Castle, situated in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Built in 1984 using 800 tons of stone, this castle comes with gatehouse, towers and secret doors. The main keep has over 6,000 square feet of space, and the 8.7 acre property also includes two more guest houses.

Goudourville_castleCastle for Sale: Goudourville Castle in Southern France

The land this castle lies on was once a medieval abbey, but was destroyed by the Normans in the early 11th century. In the year 1081 Hughes de Gasques began construction of Goudourville Castle. The fortress, located in the former province of Quercy, would be in area that was fought over by the English and French during the 13th to 15th centuries – it would not be until the 1440s before the English were expelled from the region.

Castle for Sale: Le Château de Pouzilhac

Originally built in the 12th century, and expanded in the 14th century, this French castle has been completely restored and offers medieval charm and modern comfort. Le Château de Pouzilhac was initially a royal castle, but was passed on to the House of Uzes by King Philip IV in the late 13th-century. The castle includes four towers that are linked by a wall, and can be entered through a portcullis gate.


Medieval Castle and Hamlet for Sale in Italy

Medieval Castle and Hamlet for Sale in Italy: Castello Izzalini – Get an entire medieval village, dating back to the 12th century, with its own castle and church.


castle for sale in englandCastle for Sale in England: Caverswall Castle

Dating back to the 13th century, Caverswall Castle comes with a moat and a dungeon.



Chateau Arcine 2Castle for Sale in France: Chateau d’Arcine

Also known as the Château de Rumilly-sous-Cornillon, parts of this castle date back to the 11th century and for most of the Middle Ages it was owned by the Counts of Geneva. In 1411 the castle was sold to Duke Amadeus VIII of Savoy, and the site has remained in private hands over the centuries.

Anglo-Saxon Motte and Bailey Castle for Sale

This Anglo-Saxon motte and bailey is located on a smallholding in the village of Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire and has recently been put on the market. It is of considerable interest because it was one of only three sites constructed prior to the Norman conquest.

Castle for Sale in England: Westenhanger Castle – One of Kent’s greatest historic houses, this Listed Grade I Heritage site comes with Towers, Castle wall remains and a landscaped inner court that is used as a wedding venue.


Castle for Sale in England: Westenhanger Castle - photo by Ian Knox/Wikipedia commons

Fortress of Miolans, Savoy, France
– This impressive medieval castle is located in the heart of the Savoy Valley, and is situated on a strategic site 200 meters (550 feet) above the hamlet of Miolans, which part of the small town of St-Pierre Albigny in eastern France.

Castle for Sale in Scotland: Cavers Castle – Although now in ruins, this 15th century tower house located in the Scottish borderlands was once an impressive home.

cavers castle

Ballymaquiff Castle, Ireland – This historic Irish Castle was probably built by the De Burgo family in the late 14th/ early 15th century. This fortified tower house comes with four acres of land, is situated next to the old Sligo/ Limerick railway line.


Castle for Sale in Scotland – Kames Castle, a 14th-century Scottish keep is surrounded by an 18th-century estate with homes and gardens. Located the on the Isle of Bute, the current owners are renting out five of its cottages for tourists.

Castle for Sale in France: Chateau de Malvaux – Chateau de Malvaux, which was built between the 12th to 14th centuries, is located in the heart of France about 300 kilometres south of Paris.

chateau for sale

Castle and Village for Sale in Italy – If you are looking to restore a medieval village, an opportunity is beckoning from Italy. The village of Castelnuovo, located the the Marche region, is now for sale. The village comes with the remains of a castle, a church, a fountain and nearly fifty buildings.

Castle for Sale in France: Château-sur-Epte Castle – This Anglo-Norman castle was built at the turn of the twelfth-century, and was on the front lines in the wars between England and France in the Middle Ages.  Now a picturesque ruin, this would be a historian’s dream!

castle for sale in France

Castle for Sale in Portugal – Also known as Saint Clement’s Castle, this fortress was built between 1599 and 1602 in order to defend the River Mira and town of Milfontes from pirate attacks.

castle for sale portugal

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Ireland is home to dozens of medieval castles which are in private hands, and in recent years many entrepreneurs have been looking to buy these properties so they can restore them and turn them into hotels or historic homes.

Ballindooley Castle – Unique opportunity to purchase a landmark Historic Irish Castle, located a short drive from the centre of Galway city, and presented for sale in excellent condition, having undergone a sustained body of recovery, renovation and repair over the last twenty-two years.

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