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In our latest issue: Being lovesick was a real disease in the Middle Ages! Judaism, War, and Chivalry: Why is this Knight Different than Other Knights? Travel Tips: San Lorenzo’s Medici Crypt! Crusade in Europe

Music for a Captured King: Richard the Lionheart and Blondel

Love him or hate him, one thing you can say about England’s Richard the Lionheart is that there are some great stories about him.

The Arrow of Sherwood by Lauren Johnson

My book review of Robin Hood tale, Arrow of Sherwood by Lauren Johnson.

Enumerating the Battles, Skirmishes, and Naval Actions at the Siege of Acre

Hosler examines the many episodes during the siege, which involved Saladin’s Egyptian and Syrian troops, fighting against crusader forces that were eventually joined by kings Philip Augustus and Richard I.

How far were the Military Orders responsible for the results of the Third Crusade?

In order to assess how responsible the Military Orders were for the results of the Third Crusade this article will be structured by the analysis of three key areas in which they played a part; the siege of Acre, the march to Jaffa and their other military contributions, and their role as councillors to King Richard I of England.

The Military Legacy of Richard the Lionheart

Authors look back at the entirety of the reign and reach two common conclusions: 1) he was a neglectful and mostly-absent ruler of England, but 2) he attained spectacular success in war, which was, after all, his primary interest.

Review: The Holy Lance, by Andrew Latham

Inside, what I came across was a solid tale based during the Third Crusade, in the aftermath of the dreadful battle at the Horns of Hattin.

The Illnesses of King Richard and King Philippe on the Third Crusade

For weeks both Richard and Philippe were close to the brink of death, before they finally recovered.

The Kidnapped King: Richard I in Germany, 1192–1194

In 1193 the rulers of Germany and England met for the first time in history.

Coeur de Lion in Captivity

In December 1192 Richard I was seized near Vienna by Duke Leopold V of Austria.

MOVIE REVIEW: Order of the Holy Grail (Captain Thunder)

This is a review of the Spanish medieval film: Captain Thunder or Order of The Holy Grail (El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial)

Richard Lionheart: Bad King, Bad Crusader?

This paper analyzes the impact of King Richard Lionheart of England during his tenure as leader of the Third Crusade.

BOOK REVIEW: A King’s Ransom – Sharon Kay Penman

A King’s Ransom is the follow up to Lionheart and tells the story of King Richard I’s imprisonment in Germany at the hands of Duke Leopold of Austria and Emperor Heinrich VI and of his battle to win back his Kingdom from his rapacious brother John.

Interview with Dana Cushing, on De Itinere Navali

The other interesting story is the manuscript’s survival itself – it was nearly destroyed three times in the past two hundred years alone! Who knows how many narrow escapes it had just from war, fire, neglect, ignorance, and so forth before that?

De Itinere Navali: A German Third Crusader’s Chronicle of his Voyage and the Siege of Almohad Silves 1189 AD

Eleven shiploads of German crusaders from the cities of Lübeck and Bremen departed the Holy Roman Empire in 1189CE, part of Frederick Barbarossa’s crusader army destined for the Holy Land via England, Portugal, and the Mediterranean polities.

The Battle of Arsuf, 7 September 1191

Benjamin Z. Kedar asks what was Richard I’s plan at Arsuf, one of the key battles of the Third Crusade?

The Evolution of the Saladin Legend in the West

William of Tyreʼs account of the history of the Crusades stops suddenly in 1184. As he lays down his pen he is in despair at the inevitable outcome which he foresees for the struggle with Saladin. It was fortunate for him that he did not live to see the triumph of Saladin at Hattin and Jerusalem. Williamʼs judgement of Saladin, there- fore, is one of fear and admiration but he is also able to criticize his faults, especially his ruthless ambition.

The Massacre at Acre–Mark of a Blood-thirsty King?

The Christian forces in the Holy Land during the mid-to-late-1100s had, for many years, requested assistance to maintain their dwindling and increasingly challenged control in the Holy Land, but no help came. The tenuous rule of Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, in the mid-1180s, led to further internal conflict.

Interview with Sharon Kay Penman

Best-selling author Sharon Kay Penman has published her twelfth novel, Lionheart, which focuses on King Richard I and his crusade to the Holy Land in the late-twelfth century. We had the pleasure of interviewing Sharon Kay Penman about this novel and how she writes historical fiction: This book is a kind of sequel to your […]

Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman

Lionheart By Sharon Kay Penman Penguin Books, 2011 ISBN: 978039915785 Publisher’s Description: From the New York Times-bestselling novelist, a stunning story of a great medieval warrior-king, the accomplished and controversial son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine: Richard, Coeur de Lion. They were called “The Devil’s Brood,” though never to their faces. They were the […]

Richard I and the Jewish “Servi Camarae” as a Funding Source for the Third Crusade

Richard I and the Jewish “Servi Camarae” as a Funding Source for the Third Crusade By Dana Cushing Published Online (2011) Introduction: This essay provides the examines the social, legal, and financial position of the Jews in England during the years 1190 and 1191AD and explains the financial worth of their transactions as calculated from […]

Third Crusade

Articles on the Third Crusade: The Byzantines and Saladin, 1185-1192: Opponents of the Third Crusade, by Charles M. Brand The Artifice of War: Intelligence and Intrigue in the Third Crusade, by Dana Cushing New Evidence for the Teutonic Order’s Bavarian Origins: Fragments Found, by Dana Cushing The Impact of the Third Crusade upon Trade with […]

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