Must-see objects at the Bodleian Treasures

This exhibition contains 21 pairs of carefully selected items. Most of these are manuscripts, but there are also a few other objects; together, they feature some of the Bodleian Libraries’ best collections.

Living with Books in Renaissance Ferrara

The growth of private libraries was one of the most remarkable aspects of the history of the medieval book during the 14th and 15th centuries.

Rules of a Medieval Library

No stealing, no talking, no women – the rules you had to follow in a medieval library!

The Libraries of the Byzantine World

The evidence for institutional libraries—those of the palace, the secular and patriarchal schools in Constantinople, and the monasteries—gives an approximate idea of the nature and extent of their holdings.

$300 million library donated to Princeton University includes thousands of medieval manuscripts and early printed books

William Scheide has left his collection of rare books and manuscripts to Princeton University. It is believed to be worth about $300 million, making it the largest gift in the university’s history.

Two Lost Libraries in London

Medieval libraries in England were assembled in many places and for different purposes.

Call for Papers: Medieval and Renaissance Lost Libraries

The 2014 conference of CILIP’s Library and Information History Group will have the theme ‘Medieval and Renaissance Lost Libraries’. It will be held at Senate House in London on Saturday 12 July 2014.

Limitations and ethical implications of digitizing medieval manuscripts

This article seeks to identify limitations and ethical implications encountered when digitizing medieval manuscripts.

Medieval bindings: stiff board structures in Slovenian manuscript collection

The paper aims to present the methodology of work used in the research as well as the process of formulating description form related to conservation bookbinding. The paper closes with observations and conclusions drawn from the analysis of the Slovenian collection of medieval codices.

Late Medieval Franciscan Statutes on Convent Libraries and Education

Although the higher education of the Franciscans has frequently been the object of research, their role in offering elementary instruction has often been ignored.

The Place of Germany in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance: Books, Scriptoria and Libraries

Scholars in Germany and elsewhere have studied individual instances of this growth in the output of scriptoria and expansion of collections, but no-one, as far as I know, has drawn attention to the impressive scale and character of the phenomenon as a whole.

Downside Abbey to open its library to the public for the first time

Over 450,000 books and impressive medieval manuscript collection will now be available to the public thanks to a £856,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Reconstructing a Late Medieval Irish Library

‘It is a tricky thing to discuss a library that has not existed for 350 years.’

Notes on a private library in fourth/tenth-century Baghdad

Studies on medieval Arabic bibliophilia have mainly focussed on public and semi-public institutions, for some of which we have detailed information. Less is known about private libraries and their physical arrangement. This paper looks at the library of Abū Bakr al-Ṣūlī (d. 335/947), which is described by the sources in unique terms, contextualising it with al-Ṣūlī’s own words on collecting and organizing books.

William Caxton’s Contributions to the English Language and Books and Libraries

Caxton’s influence has reached throughout the ages as he juggled the tasks of translator, printer, and linguist.

The Librarius and Libraire as Witnesses to the Evolving Book Trade in Ducal Brittany

In monasteries and cathedrals of the medieval West, the « custos librariae » functioned primarily as a custodian or keeper of bound codices, and we see a similar role emerge from extant medieval registers from Breton cathedral chapters.

Book of Kells has attracted ten million visitors to Trinity College Dublin Library

The Old Library and Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s major tourist venues and attracts over 520,000 visitors each year to see the exhibition on the Book of Kells and other medieval manuscripts

Libraries and Book Culture of the Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire supported literary life at a time when many other parts of the western world were in a state of literary darkness.

University of Oxford and Vatican to digitize 1.5 million pages of historical texts

A collaboration between the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library and the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana at the Vatican will bring historical texts dating back to the Middle Ages into the digital era.

Bodleian Libraries Cairo Genizah collection now available online

From the store room to the web: Bodleian launches website featuring its 25,000 Cairo Genizah fragments

Medieval garbage in Leiden University Library

Dr. Erik Kwakkel discovered a remarkable manuscript in the rich medieval book collection of Leiden University Libraries.

New App features Bodleian Treasures

The Bodleian Libraries have launched a mobile app featuring a selection of the rarest, most important and most evocative objects from the Bodleian collections.

Medieval manuscripts highlight of Lilly workshops at Indiana University

British scribe and illuminator Patricia Lovett will be this year’s guest for Indiana University’s Mediaevalia at the Lilly, an annual event focused on the Lilly Library’s large collection of rare medieval manuscripts and books.

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