The Templar Knight: Book Two Of The Crusades Trilogy

The Templar Knight: Book Two Of The Crusades Trilogy

By Jan Guillou

Publisher: Harper Collins, May 4, 2010


The Knight Templar (Swedish: Tempelriddaren) is the second book in Jan Guillou’s The Knight Templar (Crusades trilogy) book series. This book follows the fictional character of Arn Magnusson as a Knight Templar in the kingdom of Jerusalem. The book starts in Arn’s 27th year and ends as he departs the holy lands.

At the age of 27, Arn is already a veteran in the Crusader army, when he faces the strangest experience a Knight Templar can have. While pursuing a band of saracen thieves, he comes across Saladin, the leader of the Muslim forces, and saves his life. They become close friends, but great enemies at the same time. During the conversation with Saladin, Arn learns and deduces that Saladin is preparing an attack on the Kingdom of Jerusalem from the south and brings this information back to Jerusalem. As Arn is the commander of the Templar fort at Gaza, he prepares to take the first blow of Saladins force, hoping to at least delay Saladin, so that Jerusalem maybe saved as the Kings army at the time is busied with a campaign in the far north. After a short siege Saladin spares the city, in part due to Saladins life being saved by Arn earlier, as he is going for a bigger prize, the city of Jerusalem…..

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