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Anglo-Saxon archaeology

Looking to the future of medieval archaeology

A symposium entitled ‘Looking to the Future’ was held as part of the Society for Medieval Archaeology’s 50th anniversary to reflect upon current and forthcoming issues facing the discipline. The discussion was wide-ranging, and is summarized here under the topics of the research potential of development-led fieldwork, the accessibility of grey literature, research frameworks for medieval archaeology, the intellectual health of the discipline, and relevance and outreach.


The Neglect of the Ancient Classics at the Early Medieval Universities

Until recently it was customary to dismiss the subject by dwelling upon the utter barrenness of classical, as well as of all other lay learning in the Middle Ages, and thus intimate that nothing better could have been expected from the work at the universities. Today no competent scholar would pronounce such a verdict. The term “Twelfth Century Renaissance” is becoming a familiar phrase, and is finding its way into hand-books and text-books.