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New Medieval Books: The Genius of Their Age

The Genius of Their Age: Ibn Sina, Biruni, and the Lost Enlightenment

By S. Frederick Starr

Oxford University Press
ISBN: 978-0-19-767555-7

A double biography of two of the most important scholars from the Middle Ages. Working out of Central Asia in the 11th century, Ibn Sina and Biruni both made significant impacts on several scientific fields.


This is a book about two of the most outstanding thinkers to have lived between ancient Greece and the European Renaissance: Ibn Sina and Biruni. Both are known to specialists who have explored and analyzed their writings (what remains of them) for 150 years. But the general public has yet to discover these men and to appreciate their achievements. I hope this will help in that effort.


Who is this book for?

Apart from being great biographies for both Ibn Sina (known in the West as Avicenna) and al-Biruni (aka Alberonius) this book offers an overview of the intellectual and scientific achievements that were taking place in Central Asia during the 10th and 11th centuries. It will be useful for those studying medicine, science or related topics in the Middle Ages.

The author

Stephen Frederick Starr is an expert on Russian and Eurasian affairs and a former president of Oberlin College. He has authored over twenty books, which range from contemporary politics to the history of jazz music. Click here to view his Wikipedia page.


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