Is the Bayeux Tapestry coming to Britain?

Reports suggest the Bayeux Tapestry – one of the most famous pieces of medieval art – will be loaned to the British Museum for several months.

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 3, No. 14) : Historic Selfies!

In this issue: Historic selfies with the medieval kings of France, and in Renaissance coins, the Anglo-Saxon fenlands, and how DNA research on chickens is linked to medieval diet and fasting traditions. We visit Anne Boleyn’s childhood home and look at the Holy Spirit in female form.

British Museum acquires medieval alabaster Virgin and Child

The British Museum has acquired an outstanding 14th Century English alabaster figure of the Virgin and Child which is the best-preserved of its kind on display in a UK national collection.

Early Medieval Celtic Art in Britain and Ireland: A Curator’s Perspective

Martin Golberg, Senior Curator at the National Museums of Scotland, travelled to the British Museum to give audiences perspective on the various pieces in the exhibit as well as an introduction to what constitutes “Celtic” art.

Who Were The Celts? The British Museum Offers Answers with New Exhibition

The British Museum just opened its latest exhibit, Celts: Art and Identity this past Thursday, covering 2,500 years of Celtic history. The exhibit explores Celtic identity and how it eveolved from the time of the Ancient Greeks to the present through art, culture, daily life, religion and politics.

5 Cool Celtic Things at the British Museum

I attended the opening of the British Museum’s, Celts: Art and Identity exhibit on Sept 24th. It showcases stunning art, jewellery, weaponry, daily and religious objects to tell the story of the Celtic people.

Huge Anglo-Saxon Coin Hoard goes on display at British Museum

The Lenborough Hoard, which consists of over 5200 coins from Anglo-Saxon times, is now on display at the British Museum. This discovery highlights the ongoing importance of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which just released its 2012 Treasure Report.

How Witches Looked in Medieval Art

I recently visited the British Museum and enjoyed their Witches and Wicked Bodies exhibit which runs until January 11th, 2015. It displays art depicting witches from the middle ages up to the late nineteenth century. This post looks at a few late medieval interpretations of witches and the artists behind these works.

Over 21 000 medieval items found in England and Wales in 2013

Over 21,000 medieval objects were discovered in England and Wales in 2013, according to the latest release of the The Portable Antiquities Scheme Annual Report. Since its inception in 1997, over one million historical objects have been recorded by the scheme.

The Sutton Hoo Helmet at the British Museum

Sue Brunning, curator at the British Museum, tells us about the famous Sutton Hoo Helmet, which can be found in Room 41 of the museum.

‘Vikings’ protest inside the British Museum over BP sponsorship

One person was arrested during a protest held inside the main court of the British Museum on Sunday.

CONFERENCES: Sutton Hoo at the British Museum: New directions for the new display

A fascinating talk about the new Sutton Hoo display at the British Museum, given by curator, Dr. Sue Brunning.

A Medieval Jewellery Set from the British Museum

Sue Brunning of the British Museum talks about a medieval jewellery set you can see at their new Early Medieval gallery.

Viking researchers help British Museum translate Norse culture

The first major exhibition on Vikings at the British Museum for over 30 years which opened on 6 March in London highlights a new research project by Viking experts at The University of Nottingham.

Early Medieval collection at British Museum to get upgrade

After nearly 30 years, the room showcasing the early medieval collection at the British Museum will be getting a renovation.

Major exhibit on the Vikings comes to the British Museum in 2014

In March 2014 the British Museum will be unveiling a new exhibition on The Vikings: Life and Legend.

More archaeological finds being report in UK, British Museum reports

Over 90 000 archaeological finds were reported to British authorities in 2010, the British Museum reports, which marks a significant increase over previous years. The growth has been credited to the efforts to make it easier to report finds to the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS), the British agency in charge of recording archaeological discoveries. In […]

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