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New Medieval Books: Arms and Armour of the Renaissance Joust

Arms and Armour of the Renaissance Joust

By Tobias Capwell

Royal Armouries Museum
ISBN: 978 0 94809 299 2

With the help of the fine collection of arms and armour from the Royal Armouries Museum, this book details the evolution of jousting and tournaments in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. it was a time when jousting was becoming more spectacular and entertainment-focused.


The jousts of the Renaissance developed knightly combat into performance art celebrating the divine and supernatural forces which determined the order of the earthly realm. The settings were legendary, but the combats were real. The jousts were both a phyiscal and conceptual collision – of both the two participants, and of fantasy and reality.


Who is this book for?

The ideal reader of this book will be able to go to the Royal Armouries in Leeds and see the arms and armour in person. However, even those interested in jousting, tournaments and military history will find this work usesful. It mostly focuses on England during the Tudor era, so historians of that period will also find this a good read.

The author

Tobias Capwell is a well-known scholar of European arms and armour and even served as a curator at Wallace Collection.


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