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New Medieval Books: The Hot Trod: A History of the Anglo-Scottish Border

The Hot Trod: A History of the Anglo-Scottish Border

By John Sadler

Amberley Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 3981 0542 3

While billed as covering from Roman times to today, the bulk of this book focuses on the 13th to 16th centuries, a period of long conflict between Scotland and England. It is a mixture of what is happening between the two nations as well as the actions of locals who lived in the border region.


Though the plough has tamed the fearsome march and moss where reivers skulked, and man-made forests have replaced the dense canopy of old, wild wood, it’s still possible for us to glean an impression of how things were. When England and Scotland were at last united under a single crown in 1603, these two countries had been at war, outright or simmering, for three hundred years – since the time of William Wallace and the Wars of Independence, beginning in 1296. During the sixteenth century there were times of intense, open warfare between the two.


Who is this book for?

Those interested in relations between England and Scotland will find this book a good introduction to the situation in the Later Middle Ages and Early Modern periods. It will also appeal to those wanting to know more about the local history of the border region.

The author

John Sadler is a Fellow of The Royal Historical Society and has written over 40 history books. One of his specialties is the Later Middle Ages in Scottish and English history, with several of his other books touching on events in this new book. Click here to visit his website.


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