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New Medieval Books: Invasion: The Forgotten French Bid to Conquer England

Invasion: The Forgotten French Bid to Conquer England

By Duncan Cameron

Amberley Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 3981 1244 5

It might surprise readers to know that French invaders landed on English soil over 50 times during the fourteenth century. However, that is the topic of this book, which focuses on France’s attempts to bring the fight to England during the Hundred Years’ War. It goes into detail on the naval conflict during this war, various raids on England, and the French plans for larger attacks.


For England, the fourteenth century was its most invaded century after the end of the Dark Ages in 1066. Most of the action is connected to the disastrous and long-lasting series of conflicts known as the Hundred Years’ War, which continued well into the following century. It is not the intention to write a history of this war but it will be, for much of the narrative, a background to events. And behind the war stands the giant figure of Edward III, the winner of many battles. Winning battles was perhaps what Edward was best at doing – but he never achieved his overall war aim. Edward’s England did not rule the waves.


Who is this book for?

While it does have a chapter detailing Queen Isabella’s invasion to overthrow Edward II, most of this book relates to the Hundred Years’ War, going up to 1387. It serves as a good supplement to those interested in that conflict as well as those studying naval warfare.

The author

Duncan Cameron has written on a variety of topics, including international business and British cars, but this work comes out of a longtime interest in the fourteenth century.


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