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New Medieval Books: Richard of Cornwall

Richard of Cornwall: The English King of Germany

By Darren Baker

Amberley Publishing
ISBN:978 1 3981 1217 9

A biography of Richard of Cornwall, the youngest son of King John. He had an eventful career, as a power player in England, a crusader, and as a contender to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.


At the time of his enthronement in 1257, Richard was one of the most famous men in Europe. A natural and widely travelled diplomat, he had successfully negotiated treaties from Scotland to the Holy Land, had earned the trust and favour of queen, pope, sultan, and emperor alike. Henry not only made use of his skills but encouraged and supported his brother’s ambitions because they fit nicely into his own international strategy. They also provided Richard with an outlet for his overweening vanity.


Who is this book for?

Richard of Cornwall is usually relegated to a side character in most history books about 13th-century England, so it is good to have this biography focusing on him, the first in over fifty years. Those interested in the reign of Henry III should find this book a usefyl addition.

The author

Darren Baker is a historian of the 13th century and runs the website Henry, Simon and the two Eleanors. You can follow Darran on his page.


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