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New Medieval Books: Alfred’s Dynasty

Alfred’s Dynasty: How an Anglo-Saxon King and His Family Defeated the Vikings and Created England

By W.B. Bartlett

Amberley Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 3981 1041 0

Focusing on England in the ninth and tenth centuries, this book follows the various Kings of Wessex who became the Kings of England with the reign of Alfred the Great. It tells the story of an important dynasty in English history.


There was one royal dynasty which more than any other was responsible for laying the foundation of modern England. This was the house of Wessex, which ruled in the ninth and tenth centuries. Theirs is a remarkable story, but the kings of this house are largely forgotten in the modern world. Not all of them perhaps – Alfred, the only English king to earn the epithet ‘the Great’, is certainly remembered, though possibly more for the doubtful anecdote about burning cakes in the Somerset Levels than his achievements. But other members of the dynasty have faded in the national memory. This is a pity given the scope of their collective achievements and the drama of their story.


Who is this book for?

While a plethora of books exist about Alfred the Great, the same is not true of Æthelwulf, Æthelflæd or Edgar. This book offers a look into several important kings from early medieval England, and would be a useful introduction to this period of English history.

The author:

Wayne Bartlett is a British writer who has penned over a dozen books, mostly covering medieval history.


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