The Alhambra is now the World’s Instagrammable Castle

What are the Most Instagrammable Castle to Visit in 2023? Here are the top 20.

An analysis recently carried out by has revealed the number of Instagram hashtags the world’s most famous castles have received. Examining both medieval and modern castles, their list takes people from Scotland to Japan.


1. Alhambra – Spain


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The castle securing first place with over 1.8 million hashtags on Instagram is the most visited medieval monument in Spain, Alhambra. Dating all the way back to the 9th century castle which translates from Arabic to ‘the red one’ span 35 acres of beautiful gardens and ancient stone structures which has lasted multiple wars throughout the years.

There are typically over 3 million visitors per year, travelling to the unique location to see amazing views of Granada, the Albaicin and Sierra Nevada, alongside beautiful architecture and rich history.


2. Osaka Castle – Japan

The second and third most popular castles are both in historically rich and beautiful Japan. With the borders to Japan officially raised as of 2023 meaning tourism is once again allowed, adding these two sites to your travel bucket list is a must!

Second place with over 1 million Instagram hashtags is Osaka Castle, constructed in 1583 as the largest castle in Japan at the time to be a sign of a new unified Japan under Toyotomi rule. The castle gardens include over 600 cherry blossoms which people flock to see. Inside the castle tourists can find exquisitely restored and cherished antiques as well as a shrine to the ruler of the time, Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

3. Himeji Castle – Japan

Third on the list with almost 700,000 hashtags is Himeji Castle – the best-preserved castle in all of Japan. Built in the 1400’s Himeji, unlike other Japanese castles has never been destroyed, and survives as one of only 12 original castles still standing in Japan. Roughly 2 million people visit this world heritage site to bask in the beauty of its classic architecture and engaging history.

4. Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

5. Mont-Saint-Michel – France

6. Prague Castle – Czech Republic

7. Château de Versailles – France

8. Windsor Castle – England

9. Red Fort – India

10. Pena Palace – Portugal

And here are the castles from 11 to 20:

11. Matsumoto Castle – Japan
#matsumotocastle, #松本城

12. Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany
#neuschwansteincastle, #neuschwansteinschloss

13. Bran Castle – Romania
#brancastle, #castelulbran

14. Buda Castle – Hungary
#budacastle, #budavaripolata

15. Eltz Castle – Germany
#eltzcastle, #burgeltz

16. Heidelberg Castle – Germany
#heidelburgcastle, heidelburgschloss

17. Eilean Donan – Scotland

18. Castel Del Monte – Italy

19. Kronborg Castle – Denmark
#kronborgcastle, #kronborg

20. Stirling Castle – Scotland

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Top Image: Photo by Marco Nürnberger / Flickr