Robbers break into Polish castle

By Michał Orłowski

Police from Szczytno in northern Poland arrested have three males on suspicion of burglary after they broke into a medieval castle. In their burglary, the thieves stole coins thrown within the castle grounds to “have luck.”

Ortelsburg Castle was built in the mid-14th century as a Teutonic stronghold. By modern times it became a ruin, and is now a local tourist site.  At the beginning of August, workers of the municipal office in Szczytno – this local government that manages these ruins – called the police to report theft. Unknown robbers entered, in the shadow of the night, through a space secured with a grating. They destroyed wrought bars and stole bags of coins in this room. These are coins are thrown by tourists have to ensure their good luck and have the person throwing this coin return to this castle in the future.


Cameras recorded the robbery. After investigation, the police believe the suspects are from Szczytno and surrounding area. They released this statement:

Arrested are males aged 22, 24 and 39. All the suspects admitted to charge of steal with burglary. All of them explained their behaviour was caused by strong alcohol intoxication. During the interrogatory, it was founded out that the worth of stolen coins was, in total, 150 PLN (approximately $38). These pieces didn’t give any luck, especially to the oldest robber. A thirty-nine years old male was incarcerated by the local judiciary for bullying a close person. He had to serve a penalty of 10 months in jail for this reason.

All of them will be facing the same charges, and they could face ten years in prison.


Top Image: The remains of the castle in Szczynto. Photo by ZeroJeden / Wikimedia Commons


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