What to Know When Buying a Castle

Here is some tips for those interested in purchasing a castle property:


1) Research the Castle’s History – Consult the local history and archaeological societies to learn as much as you can about the history of the castle


2) Check with the local government for information on property taxes, the supply of services such as electricity and water, and, perhaps most importantly, on what restrictions might be in place over whether or not restorations and modifications are legally allowed with these buildings.


3) Explore potential uses – If you forsee a castle property as an investment opportunity, you should research a range of options.  One could consider starting up a bed and breakfast or small hotel on the site.  Another possibility is making the castle a local tourist site and perhaps hosting events and weddings.


4) Restorations – Castle properties will almost surely require extra expenses in maintaining its medieval look, which, depending on the current state of the property, could be quite expensive.  You may need to seek out the advice of specialized builders and restoration experts to better understand what kind of work and materials will be needed.


5) Explore archaeological possibilities – Many castle site have only had limited or not archaeological work done on them.  You might want to explore the idea if archaeologists would be interested in investigating your property and perhaps discover artifacts or evidence of other buildings on the site.  Any interesting findings might enhance the prestige and value of your castle property.

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