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What can we know about the life of the Prophet Muhammad?, with Sean Anthony

A conversation with Sean Anthony about the earliest sources for the life of the Prophet Muhammad, including the Quran, papyri, inscriptions, and Christian sources of the seventh century, and how Muslims were initially perceived by the Romans of the eastern provinces.

Sean Anthony is Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Ohio State University, and his research focuses on Early Islam and Arabic literature. You can learn more about Sean’s research on his page or follow him on Twitter @shahanSean


The conversation is based on Sean’s book Muhammad and the Empires of Faith: The Making of the Prophet of Islam (University of California Press 2020).

Byzantium & Friends is hosted by Anthony Kaldellis, Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at The Ohio State University. You can follow him on his personal website.

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Top Image: Detail of Miraj by Sultan Muhammad (16th century) – Wikimedia Commons


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