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Introducing the Medieval Grad Podcast

We are launching a new podcast! The Medieval Grad Podcast is where we talk about the future of medieval studies. 

Here is our preview of the podcast, where we talk with Lucie Laumonier, the creator and host. Each episode will feature an interview with a current graduate student or early-career researcher to learn about the work they are doing.


Some of the upcoming episodes will be on:

  • Usury in Late Medieval Italy
  • What Medieval Animal Bones Teach Us
  • Nile Floods and Mamluk Farmers
  • Were the Cathars even real?
  • The Viking Slave Trade

Look for two episodes to be released each month – if you are part of our Patreon you can listen to these episodes early!

You can listen to the podcast via Libsyn or through your favourite podcast player.

Lucie Laumonier is an affiliate assistant professor at Concordia University. Click here to view her page or follow her on Instagram at The French Medievalist. She is also a columnist on, writing about agriculture and rural life in the Middle Ages.


If you are interested in being a guest of the podcast, you can email Lucie at [email protected].


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