Medieval Warfare magazine – Preview of issue XI:2

The new issue of Medieval Warfare focuses on the idea of ‘Holy Wars’ and the role of religion and faith in military history.

The issue features the highly-acclaimed historian Alfred J. Andrea, who writes about types of holy war, and using as examples conflicts that took place in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Other articles in this theme look at other examples of holy war (and what might not be holy war) that took place in Iberia, Sicily and the Middle East. The Battle of Field of Blood, which was fought in present-day Syria just over 900 years ago, is detailed by William Welsh. Rana Mikati also offers a fascinating look at the role of female warriors in the early days of Islam.


There are 11 articles in this issue, including:

– “Fathers and sons at war: The two battles of Kōnodai,” by Stephen Turnbull
– “A good military leader: Perspectives from Byzantine military manuals,” by George Theotokis
– “The Oakeshott typology: The X to XII of medieval swords,” by Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown
– “In the Kingmaker’s shadow: The story of John Neville,” by Alexander R. Brondarbit
– “The Norman knight: Charging an enemy in the eleventh century,” by Randall Moffett
– “Beyond the walls: What was around the tower house,” by Vicky McAlister

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