Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume V Issue 2

Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume V Issue 2The newest issue of Medieval Warfare is about to go on sale at the beginning of April. This issue’s theme is The Campaigns of Charlemagne

Article in this issue include:

  • Owen Rees, ‘Historical introduction’. 
  • The Source – Gareth Williams, ‘Atrocity or apology – Charlemagne the mass murderer?’. 
  • Filippo Donvito, ‘Over the Alps – Charlemagne’s Italian campaign’. 
  • Sidney Dean, ‘Felling the Irminsul – The Saxon campaigns’. 
  • Robert Holmes, ‘Men of Iron – The Carolingian army’. 
  • Jean-Claude Brunner, ‘A reign at an end – Charlemagne versus the Avars’. 
  • Patrick Baker, ‘To build and destroy – Carolingian combat engineers’. 

You can also read other features, such as:

  • The Weapon/blacksmithing – Jeffrey Hildebrand, ‘A little bird told me – Insight through reproduction’. 
  • Special – Arnold Blumberg, ‘Drawn and quartered – The law of treason in medieval England’. 
  • Special – Alexander Querengasser, ‘Triumph for the heritics – The Battle of Aussig’. 

Dirk van Gorp, the Editor of Medieval Warfare Magazine, writes that “the name of Charlemagne is one many medieval military enthusiasts will be familiar with. The powerful image of the brilliant warrior King who brought peace and culture (and Christianity, for some) back to Europe after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire is one which is hard ignore. No matter the truth behind this, there is no denying the success of his military campaigns, and so we are pleased to offer you a whole issue on that military mastermind, Charles the Great.”


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