Medieval Warfare magazine – Preview of issue XI:1

The new issue of Medieval Warfare magazine takes a look at the issue of technological determinism – how important was the development of military technology when it comes to the Middle Ages?

This issue features the first-ever debate in the magazine, with Kelly DeVries and David Zimmerman taking a look back at Kelly’s groundbreaking article ‘Catapults are not Atomic Bombs: Towards a Redefinition of Effectiveness in Premodern Military Technology’.


The theme also has Steven A. Walton exploring the (in)famous ‘Stirrup Thesis’, and Dan Spencer on the fortress of Calais. You can read over twelve articles in this issue, including:

  • Michael Livingston on the Battle of Bryn Glas, 1402
  • Sidney Dean on the Vandals in North Africa
  • Randall Moffet on mounted crossbowman
  • Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown on the early handgun
  • Tomaž Lazar on frontier warfare in medieval Slovenia
  • Michael S. Fulton explaining the location of Crusader castles
  • Vicky McAlister on the tower house

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