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Forgeries in the Middle Ages with Levi Roach

Over the past few years, the world has regularly been abuzz with claims of forgery and fake news. At some points in the Middle Ages, forgery was disturbingly common, often committed by the people we might least expect. This week, Danièle speaks with Dr. Levi Roach about medieval forgery, and how to spot it.

Levi Roach is Associate Professor of Medieval History at the University of Exeter, where he focuses his research on kingship and royal governance, particularly in using charters and other documentary sources. His latest book is Forgery and Memory at the End of the First Millennium, which is published by Princeton University Press. You can learn more about Levi’s work on or follow him on Twitter @DrLRoach


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Top Image: Forged document from the 11th century – Wikimedia Commons


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