How the borders within Southeast Asia changed during the Middle Ages

Looking at the development of empires, kingdoms and states in Southeast Asia during the Middle Ages. Here are seven videos that explain the changing borders.

EmperorTigerstar begins this set by offering an examination of the region, starting in ancient times, and going every year starting in 500 AD:


Ollie Bye has created this video, focusing on the Malay Archipelago, the lands of which now form countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

This Youtuber has also created a video on Vietnam, starting in 300 BCE, and going every year from 1400:

Anwoo History Mapper has created several maps, starting with this one on Thailand from the years 300 to 2018:


The region of present-day Myanmar, between the years 600 and 2018:

And The Philippines from 600 to 2018:

Finally, Lazardi Wong Jogja has created this video, looking at the political development of the island of Borneo:

Check their channel out for more videos focusing on individual islands. For a larger view of medieval political developments in Asia, please click here.


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