How the borders of Scandinavia changed in the Middle Ages

Here are several videos that track the rise and fall of states in Scandinavia during the medieval period.

The first is by Youtuber Ollie Bye, which takes the perspective of northern Europe, starting in the year 350 AD to 2017.


Vologda Mapping offers a more traditional perspective of Scandinavia, with their map going from 200 AD to 2017

You can also find maps showing the rise of particular countries, such Suomi‘s map of Sweden, going from 995 to 2014.


Or this one, by Drex, showing Norway’s development, starting in 873

Vologda Mapping has also created this map, which shows the Civil War Period of Norway, which ran from 1130 to 1240

Ollie Bye also offers this look at the Danes, beginning during the Viking era in 789 to the year 2015.

Finally, Potato’s Video mapping created this video showing the war between Sweden and the Hanseatic League, that took place between the years 1363 and 1371

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