Campaign for Second Viking Coloring Book is Live on Kickstarter

In February 2016 the Kickstarter campaign for a Viking themed coloring book ended more than $3,000 over its original goal. Work began on the scenes that became the 75 illustration plates slightly before the end of the campaign. The first volume of The Viking Coloring Book was published by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in July, 2017.

The Binding of Fenrir is one of the scenes that will be in the new book

Since then interest in the topic has grown even more with museums reaching out to include the early medieval themed coloring book in their shops. The Viking Coloring Book Pop-up Gallery has made appearances at several medieval conferences, bringing paintings, prints and coloring books into book room displays. These events have allowed people of all ages to get more directly involved in exploring the medieval past.


The Viking Coloring Book is the first in a planned series of early medieval themed coloring books. The campaign to produce the second coloring book in the series has already begun.

The theme for this new volume is Norse Mythology. Carolyne Larrington, Professor at Oxford University, is providing translations of the Eddic poetry that informs modern researchers. Scene captions will include their inspirational stanza.


Contributors to the new campaign for Volume 2 on Kickstarter will receive items from stickers and enamel pins to copies of both coloring books and knit helmet hats. Those who support the project with $100 or more will be included in the new coloring book volume on the supporters’ runestone scene.

The painted figures of Sleipnir and Odin is a Backer Reward for the current campaign on Kickstarter

So far 31 Backers have contributed $1,345 towards the $3,000 goal needed to produce the Norse Mythology volume of the Viking Coloring Book Series. You can help create the new volume by supporting the Kickstarter campaign before it ends June 14 at 5:00am PST. Click here to visit the campaign page on Kickstarter.

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