How you can help support the Medieval Views Virtual Arts Festival

A project to create an online medieval studies festival for next year has begun crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

The Medieval Views Virtual Arts Festival is the brainchild of Dayanna Knight. She explains that people involved in medieval studies are looking for ways to come together despite the challenges of COVID-19:


Medieval Views: A Virtual Arts Festival seeks to address that need while simultaneously being more inclusive to the public. Let us, as independent scholars and researchers, be a creative solution. This Virtual Festival is designed to provide creative public engagement for all ages as the event provides a common positive memory with which to build and maintain relationships.  There will be virtual events such as coloring, group art creation and an online historical fashion show. The Festival will also consist of virtual gallery displays of medieval-themed art created and submitted by people of all ages. I would like to include the products of classroom projects as well, with permission from the creators.

The online event is scheduled to take place from April 21st – 24th and would include presentations aimed at adults and kids on a variety of topics.

To sign up, please go to the festival’s Kickststarter page


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